Madalene Seit

New South Wales, North Sydney

Actor, Model, Influencer

I am Madalene Seit, I'm 16 and very passionate about acting. I am of diverse, Asian ethnicity and my ultimate goal is to be a part of the entertainment industry as a future career. I am very strong at portraying odd and comedic characters, and I am very strong at speaking with many foreign accents. I’ve done drama for 7 years, and would like to begin experience on screen. After receiving a best actress and a best group devised award at the open Short Sharp Theatre, it has really brought me to realise my passion for acting. I have done work experience with Faith Martin Casting and Benchmark Creative Management. I’ve also received 4 distinctions from Trinity College for group drama. I’m currently studying at NIDA and I'm doing Elective Drama at school and will continue for the HSC. I hope to gain experience on screen to help me achieve my aspirations.

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