The Crew

Marketing Crew:
BC’s marketing professionals blush when clients blush. Through extensive marketing strategies, BC aims to reach the largest audience through various channels and across the seven seas. Our marketing strategies are primarily digitally employed through a range of online mediums and social media sources.

Design Crew:
Our design crew is responsible for all the originality and creativity found on and its affiliates. Our website and social media pages are updated regularly to ensure it is user friendly, can be easily navigated and information is kept up to date- all day, every day! Using the latest software and technology, our Designers have access to the latest and greatest and mind-blowing ideas to remain leaders in the game.

Professional Crew:
Behind all our teams and services, our Professional Services Team make it their priority to ensure the operations and back end processes function efficiently at all times. Our professional services team take care of safety, privacy and all behind-the-scenes functions to keep information secure, confidential and in the right hands.