Australia’s Next Top Model. Season 10

The tenth season of Australia’s Next Top Model has kicked off and premiered on Fox 8. To date, this season has been the most intense. Thousands of Australians nation wide and countless passionate models have been watching in hope to pick up some pointers and gain inspiration.

Australia’s Next Top Model launched last Tuesday and two episodes into the season, there have already been plenty of screams, squeals, tears, tension and emotional breakdowns. What a way to start the season! The show began with 13 girls, all with the same determination to grow, transform and be claim the title of Australia’s Next Top Model. 

In order for the contestants to claim the title Australia’s Next Top Model they must impress judges Megan Gale, Jenifer Hawkins and fashion mastermind Alex Perry in every challenge they are given. Alex has been on the judging panel from season one and is known for telling it how it is. 

Starting with the first episode, the models were given a shock as they had a runway challenge in front of 400 people. As if this wasn’t nerve racking enough as a very first challenge, Alex set the standards very high. Alex expressed how he doesn’t let just any model wear his brand, and they have to be the best in the industry.  

The models also needed to impress the judges with a photo shoot face off alongside previous Australia’s Next Top Model winner Montana Cox. Wow did things get intense. Many models kept their cool not wanting to disappoint and jeopardize their chance of being Australia’s Next Top Model.

The first elimination was an emotional point, both for contestants and guest judge Montana Cox. Jordan’s emotional journey previous to joining Australia’s Next Top Model bought Montana to tears. The episode ended with a close tie off between Sumer and Sophie however Sophie was eliminated and her chances of being Australia’s Next Top Model was cut short.

The second episode of Australia’s Next Top Model, did not take the models long to understand that it’s not just being able to walk a runaway and a pretty face. It is about the whole package, and being able to sell a product. Australia’s Next Top Model contestants were given another high-pressure challenge, but this time in groups and for a prize worth wild. 

Australia’s Next Top Model Season 10

The girls worked in groups, creating a short video for Colgate Optic white. The model with the highest score would be named the brand ambassador for Colgate. Some groups bonded and others had terrible tension amongst each other. Tears were shed and boiling point was reached. Despite it all, Jordan’s smile and charm was too hard to resist scoring herself Colgate brand ambassador.

The second challenge, models were confronted with working out of their comfort zone and with a horse.   Keeping a fierce face is one thing, being able to control a huge racehorse is another but being able to impress Australia’s legendary supermodel Elle Macpherson could be considered the most taunting. Yes, the models were introduced to Elle as she mentored them through the shoot. 

Another close elimination Sumer was once again in the bottom two, yet managed to survive saying goodbye to Laura. Two episodes in and Australia’s Next Top Model can go in any direction. Who will claim the title of Australia’s Next Top Model 2016?

Over the last decade Australia’s Next Top Model has produced some talented models. So where are the past winners today?

Beginning with the very first Australia’s Next top Model winner in 2005, Gemma Sanderson has fully-fledged over the past 11 years. Gemma is now modelling for major brands including David Jones and Napoleon Perdis. 

Australia’s Next Top Model 2006 winner Eboni Stocks, handed in her coat and retired from the modelling industry returning back to the corporate world. However, Alice Burdeu, 2007 made it internationally, working for leading designers Marc Jacobs & Louis Vuitton. Demelza Reveley 2008 winner saw that success did not come well as her career was short-term.

Tahnee Atkinson 2009 winner prompted a lot of interest and inspired thousands of women nationally. Tahnee was the first “curvy” model and is seen as an inspiration for “curvy” girls. Tahnee is now modelling for companies such as Bra’s N Things and Intimo.

Who could forget 2010, where there was a mix-up with the winner?

Amanda Ware claimed her Australia’s Next Top Model title and made the most it, walking for many international designers including Kenzo.  Montana Cox, who took the title in 2011, has slayed the runways worldwide.  Montana has worked for A-list designers such as Christian Dior and Chanel. 

Finally, 2013 was the youngest winner to date. Melissa Juratowitch claimed her title at the age of 16. She currently shoots for fashion magazines.  With eleven stunning models left, who will crack under pressure and who will keep their calm and claim the title of Australia’s Next top model 2016?