We live in a society where #flawless is a trending hashtag and an adjective used to describe everything perceived to be perfect. In reality, we all have off days, weaknesses and might tackle stages of low self esteem. While models can seem like some of the most confident, poised, and not to mention beautiful people on the planet, even they can be held back by their insecurities.  They may get to rock expensive clothes and have their every pore attended to by a personal “glam squad”, but under all their physicality, they’re also struggling with the same insecurities that bothers any regular person.

Learning to work your flaws will be one of your most important factors, and the ultimate trick of the trade to nail your modelling opportunities.  Everyone has them, but knowing how to work your flaws will help you succeed with style in your career. Although everyone perceives beauty in their own way, often we are our worst critics and especially as models we always seem to be even more critical and picky of our appearance. It’s a hard game the modelling world and every single model wishes they had a better, bigger, smaller ‘something’.

We figured that every model is going to have some form of insecurity but here at Blush Central, we believe that beauty standards should be revolutionized and all flaws should be rocked. Here’s a list of some of the world’s most recognised models who turned their biggest insecurities into million dollar careers:

Cindy Crawford

As one of the most famous models of our time, Crawford once considered removing her trademark mole before immersing herself in the industry. Plagued by self-doubt, it took years for Crawford to stop hating her beauty mark that adorned her upper lip. After her first magazine cover with her beauty mark on display, her mole became her signature that set her apart from the other models of her time.

Winne Harlow



As a young girl, classmates called her “Panda” due to her skin condition called vitiligo. The skin condition created patches of white that covered parts of her dark brown skin. Instead of allowing all of the taunting and jeering to make her a victim, Winnie decided to fight back and to accept the way that she looked. She went so far as to decide that it was a positive attribute. In the 15th season of America’s Next Top Model, Winnie made it as a top contestant. Since then she has modeled for fashion brands such as Diesel, Dazed, i-D and SHOWStudio.

Shaun Ross



Often regarded as the first professional male model with albinism, Shaun Ross was first discovered on YouTube in 2008. Ross grew up in the Bronx and was the only “light-skinned” student in his school class of over 500. Despite being bullied both verbally and physically he was discovered on YouTube by a photographer who convinced him to meet with the owner of Djamee Models. He has since modeled for Alexander McQueen and been featured in the pages of British GQ and Italian Vogue.

Andrej Pejic



A svelte blonde standing over 6ft with platinum blonde hair, dewy skin, lush lips and chiselled cheekbones, Andrej Pejic was not untypical of the models strutting the catwalk for womenswear labels, except in one respect- Pejic was a man. His look was quite the opposite of the lantern-jawed, muscled men that often pose for advertisements and glossy magazine covers. In fashion's world of gender ambiguity, he quickly emerging as an "it" face with his feminine features. Since his rise in the modelling world, Pejic has since undergone a complete sex change and now identifies himself as a woman.

Georgia May Jagger


As a child, Georgia May Jagger desperately wanted braces to bring her front teeth together. Her parents never forced her and she eventually gave up and accepted that her unique smile was what set her apart. Today she is one of the most in-demand models, thanks in part to her trademark gap and lush lips. She has modeled for a number of luxury brands including Chanel and Versace and is currently the face of Rimmel London.