As a model, your aim is to show the canvas of your face and body in photos, and if someone comments about your clothing then it means that you have failed with your clothing selection. Your goal is to sell yourself, not the clothing that you are wearing. That doesn’t mean your clothing has to be boring and dull! Your selection of outfits can still capture your personal style without drawing too much attention.

Female Models:
If you do a lot of beauty or skin product modeling, then you may consider natural photos that show a little more skin. In some of the photos, you may consider wearing a spaghetti strap top or even a strapless top to show off the lines on your neck and shoulders. When selecting your wardrobe the general rule is ‘the simpler the better". Avoid busy patterns like pleats and stripes which can distract. Textured materials work well whilst clothes that drape are better than clinging knits which can ride up on the arms, shoulders, and body, creating undesirable lines. If you require a colour portrait, select colours that compliment your skin-tone and eyes, rather than loud stripes or patterns that take the attention away from you.

Male Models:
As a model, you generally want to stay away from corporate clothing. If you plan to wear a collared shirt, you may consider making it a little more casual by leaving the top button open and not wearing a tie. If your best feature is your body, don't wear clothes that cover everything up! There are tons of types of modelling, so think about what you want to do and are best suited for, then dress accordingly. Have multiple outfits so that you can capture many looks when shooting easily. The fit of your clothing is the most important thing. When in doubt, going one size smaller than normal is usually your best bet, as it stays trim and form fitting. Communicate with your photographer ahead of time if they want any particular looks, outfits, or ideas.


There are many opinions about the types of clothing that you should wear for a photo session, and it is important to discuss this with your photographer before making your decision. Sharing details about the purpose of the session can help your photographer to create the right types of photos, and they can advise you on the clothing choices that you should bring with you. Also, be sure to choose professional photographer who has experience in your particular industry. If you are putting together a modelling portfolio, then you will be better off working with a photographer who is familiar with the modelling industry, instead of selecting someone who typically does corporate photographs. Our talent directory can help you find the perfect photographer to capture your personal style.

By choosing the right photographer and bringing the right clothing to the photo session, you will be able to create a portfolio of photos that can be used to advance your career and land the jobs that you want.