Blush Central is the talent agency that caters for all! No matter what creative industry you fall under or what your unique talent is, we can assure you that you will benefit from Blush Central! We’ve broken down our most popular creative categories to show you how being a talent on Blush can help cultivate your passion and career.


Whether you’re a fashion, commercial or swimsuit model, consider Blush Central as your online portfolio at the hands of all the professionals in the industry. Our agency enables you to specify your appearance and upload photographs of your work. Our online weekly blogs are also a great guide for media updates and general advice!


Photographers can also consider Blush Central as their online portfolio. A profile is a great way for photographers to showcase and promote their work, social pages and connect with other creative such as models and influencers. Our website is also constantly updated with possible job opportunities and the best part is that we don’t take any commission!


It certainly isn’t easy finding acting gigs, but what if producers could search for you? Being part of our platform means that you will receive constant updates on job opportunities and have the chance to collaborate with other creatives in the industry. Your Blush Central profile also enables you to upload video clips so rather than simply advertise your photos, you can upload some clips of your killer performances!


We know that singers, music producers and other musicians can have it tough trying to get discovered across social media and other online platforms. Creating a profile on Blush Central means that you can upload some clips of your music performances to increase your chances of getting booked for a gig. You’ll also receive updates on job opportunities where you’ll have the chance to collaborate with other talents in the industry.


The emergence of influencers has shaped the way people promote their products, brands and companies. Apart from social media, influencers require platforms where they can connect with potential clients and other creative talents in the industry. Blush Central is a great agent for this as it not only fosters the process of collaboration but can also update influencers on potential gig opportunities.