Winter is here, so it’s officially time to switch over beauty trends and products. As we pull out our glossy skin tints and shimmery bronzers from our makeup bags, we begin to stock up on deeper lipsticks and earthier shadows. This winter it’s all about fresher skin, deeper lips and bold eyes. Whether you’re a makeup artist experimenting with new trends or simply a makeup enthusiast, you’ll love these upcoming beauty trends. Here are our top favourites:


Vampy lips

This season, put your fear of dark lipstick aside and embrace vampy vibes. Ditch your summer nudes and pinks for the dark side and all the colours on that end of the spectrum: burgundy, purple and brown.  For that extra dramatic pop, tint over your gothic lips with a frosty silver gloss.

Peachy Blush
Makeup fans and professionals, it's time to ditch the contouring and take it back to the more simple things in life. That's right, effortlessly blushed cheeks are in and you can create them with a simple flick of your blush brush. As your skin tone gets paler this winter, you’ll want to stick to softer, more natural tones rather than overpowering bronzes and browns.

Intricate eyes
We saw some crazy eye makeup on the last few fashion runways, so for that reason, we need to subtly adapt that type of high fashion makeup within our own beauty routines. From bright graphic lines to avant garde patterns, don't be afraid to experiment with your eye makeup and going bold with your eyes this season. If you’re a model, stylist or makeup artist, this particular look is great for your next photo-shoot.

Twiggy lashes
This winter’s lash look is all about long, super-defined eyelashes. That doesn’t necessarily mean you need to wear false lashes. Invest in a good quality mascara and you’ll be well on your way to creating this charming look. Compared to past seasons, one major point of difference is that the bottom lashes are just as important as the top ones—think Twiggy eyes.

Natural brows
The last trend you need to know pertains to eyebrows. While big brows are still "in," exaggerated arches are over—so no more filling them in with dark pencil and over-drawing the shape. The message for winter is to simply embrace what you have naturally, without doing too much shaping or filling at all.