We might assume—or hope—that in 2017, Fashion Shows have grown to become more inclusive and reflective of the diverse world we live in. According to The Fashion Spot’s Diversity Report, this Year’s New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer shows came in second place for all-time diversity, recording 31.5% non-white casting overall. In addition to this, the report found that every NYFW runway included in the survey had at least one model of colour in its cast.

One person might be a small victory to celebrate, but the news does provide us with optimism that designers and industry leaders are recognising the importance of representation in fashion—as it pertains to people of all backgrounds. This is also seen in the statistics on body diversity, as this year, a record number of 26 plus-size models appeared on the catwalk—again, few in total but showing growth overall.

With diversity as an important pillar at Blush Central, we believe that every model deserves a chance to be celebrated and given a chance to flourish in the industry. In fact, that is precisely why our signup process excludes portfolio checks. We don’t mind if you lack experience or don’t have the “look” or “fit”  that some agencies might obligate. We welcome any potential talent with the ability to perform and the passion to progress. We also have a dedicated team of experts who are committed to ensuring that your experience on Blush Central is positive and beneficial.


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