Blush Central is a great platform to increase your chances of getting recognised and landing gigs in the creative talent industry. Unlike other creative agencies, Blush Central allows you to create a profile and list jobs without any charge on a basic account, however, we also offer you the choice of a premium account, which gives you several perks! If you’re going to be making the most of your experience on Blush Central, you should understand the difference of a basic account and premium one. Here are a few ways in which an upgraded account can provide you with better benefits than a basic account: Searching talents We like to think of our premium talents as VIPs. Talents with an upgraded account automatically land a spot at the top of the talent directory so that casting professionals can view their profiles as soon as they enter the Blush Central site. Their profiles will also feature a premium status icon so that casting professionals know that those talents are exclusive.

Paid jobs

If you have a premium account and are making the most of the benefits such as unlimited photographs and video/audio files, you are demonstrating your entire profile of work. For example: If you’re an experienced model with several portfolio photographs, you may benefit from an upgraded profile as casting professionals will be able to view your experience and versatility through multiple photographs and videos. In a similar way, musicians would be able to upload video files of past performances as well as audio files of song recordings. Why not show off your best work by taking advantage of the perks of Blush Central premium?

Showcasing your full range of talent

Many people in the creative industry, such as members of Blush Central have more than one talent. If you’re someone who crosses over more than one profession then you should be projecting your entire profile of work. For example: an actor and model would have the benefit of uploading several files to their profile so that casting professionals can view their multifaceted talents.

Signing up on a premium account can be as little as 20 cents a day on a 6-month subscription. It’s totally affordable and can help you pave the way to your dream career! If you do consider upgrading your account on Blush Central, these are the pricing rates:

  • 1 month subscription - $10.99/month
  • 2 month subscription - $9.34/month
  • 6 month subscription - $5.49/month

Please note that all subscriptions are automatically renewed unless the talent emails to have it stopped.

To upgrade your Blush Central Account go to your 'Dashboard' view on the Blush Central website.

Then simply click UPGRADE in the top right hand corner of your profile.


Proceed by selecting your preferred plan

After clicking pay, the page will proceed to the payment page where you will fill out your payment option and details.