What do dirty makeup brushes, door handles, toilet seats and escalator railings all have in common? They’re all prime places to encounter bacteria and germs!

Not only is it important to keep them clean to ensure you don’t mix colours and your brushes stay in great condition for as long as possible, you don’t want to be left with an awful infection after your beautiful smokey eyeshaddow has worn away.

Your makeup brushes can become a breeding ground for bacteria, particularly if you’re using them on multiple different faces without cleaning them. Just think of all those places the brushes go, around noses and mouths as well as eyes and ears – all places that can be home to nasty bugs that may be dormant in one person yet reap havoc on another. You don’t want to be responsible for that!

Dirty brushes are also known to be involved in clogging pores and thus causing acne. Don’t waste an effective skin routine by using dirty products on your skin straight after. Not only will the left over makeup on the brushes as well as bacteria affect your skin, other things like dust and hairs can end up resting in your brushes, which is then transferred onto your skin every time you use them.

I hope the risks to your health and the potential for uneven, colour-mixed makeup will be enough to encourage you to go give those brushes a wash and make it part of your makeup routine!