Do you love the idea of being your own boss and handling your own modelling career? Not gaining enough attention from agency agencies? Take charge of your career as a freelance model 


Freelance Model

As a freelance model you’re able to represent yourself; book your own work, build your own online profile (like on Blush Central!) as well as market yourself extensively to ensure more work comes your way.

While having an agency can be seen as having an element of status, it can restrict the amount of work you're able to do, the kinds of jobs you'll get and how you are able to network in the industry which can be really frustrating for models. Agencies with exclusive contracts will restrict you from working on any job that has not gone through them, so if they don't find you any work during your contract, you're unable to work at all... 

Of course one of the biggest perks of being a freelance model is that the entire pay check comes to you! Agencies will take up to 20% of your payment as an agency service fee which of course does not happen as a freelance model. Sure you have to source the work yourself, but you get the whole pay check too! Think about it, 20% can add up to quite a bit over time...


Unlike with agencies, there are no hight requirments to be a freelance model! Many beautiful and very successful models have been turned away from agencies for being shorter than the requirments and have gone on to be incredibly successful freelance models. All you need is to know your best looks, a happy disposition and a good work ethic and you're on your way to having a great time as a freelance model. 

Freelance models also have the luxury of working in as many fields of modelling as they would like; print models, promo models, commercial models, fitness models, glamour models, art models, catalogue models, music videos models, magazine models and much more.

Finding work

In this day and age you'll find everything you need online! Of course Blush Central should be your first step as you'll have the opportunity to set up a profile to show yourself off, network with others in the industry and apply to as many jobs as you'd like! 

The more that you can show about your self the better as this will help clients feel like they know you and that you'll be perfect for the job! Curate your images so you only post your best shot (they say you're only as good as your worst photo!) and ensure you have your measurements and physical detials (including any tattoos) on your profile. Having a succinct yet professional bio is also imperitive as clients want to feel you are mature and take modelling seriously. 


Freelance modeling has a whole host of benefits and has launched the careers of countless starts! Get your Blush Central profile up and running and get working as a freelance model!