It’s the dream of countless young girls and guys, to have their pictures fronting the campaigns of major brands and to strut down the runway for international fashion houses but in reality there is a lot more to how to become a model than just having a pretty face.

The modelling industry can be fun, glamorous and lucrative but it is also tiring, cutthroat and inconsistent, especially if you’re looking to make it into a full time career. So how do you get your start and how do you become a model you ask? At the basis of it all is research, research, research!


Research is absolutely vital not only to your safety but also to your success in the industry. When you’re just starting out, do a lot of research on the styles of modelling that appeal to you and who is at the top of the industry in that style. Make sure this style is something that is inline with your values and physical appearance, as this will ensure you make a natural fit for people who are casting for these roles. Once you have a clear idea of what styles of modelling appeal to you and you have a few people to aspire to and learn from, you’ll be able to select the right kinds of people to help create your portfolio.

Just like models have styles that suit them, so do the other people you will work with like photographers, makeup artists and hairstylists. Some photographers are absolutely excellent with studio shoots but their skills don’t transfer to outdoors of beach shoots. This is perfectly ok as many brilliant photographers choose to specialise and become experts in one style of photography. It is just important to recognise this and not try and get them to do a shoot that is not within their area of expertise. Research which photographers in your area are fantastic at shooting the types of photos you’d most like to have of yourself. You can do this via Blush Central by using the talent directory to search for photographers in your area. From there you can look through their portfolio and experience to find someone or you can even post a job ad on the auditions/jobs page with what you’d like to do and photographers and makeup artists will be able to apply to you to collaborate.


Once you’ve got your team together, then once again it all comes down to research! Research locations, wardrobe choices, times of day where lighting is best, makeup and hair styles and examples of images you’d like to draw inspiration from. You want your portfolio photo shoots to show yourself off in the absolute best possible light, so ensure you put a lot of thought into what will do that. At this point it is also important to remember that your portfolio needs to show you off in different ways. If all your photos look the same you will be very quickly typecast into only one kind of modelling which limits your job prospects. Ensure that your shoot and subsequent ones cover a range of 2 – 3 looks to show your versatility.

Finally once you have done your photo shoot, spend a good deal of time carefully selecting the photos you wish to have edited and include in your portfolio. You need to have at least one really high quality headshot, mid body shot and a full length shot as well as shots that show off your personality and any features like tattoos or piercings so future casting professionals are fully aware when casting you for roles.

As you can see, research is absolutely vital for how to become a model and get your perfect portfolio together. Once that portfolio is together make sure you upload all your shots to Blush Central to give yourself the best chance at finding work!