Modeling is a universal industry, rapidly growing with internet and networking sites, making modeling jobs and paid modeling high demand. Models are considered to be beautiful people who lead a glamorous life, but when you look closely into their career, not everything is glamour and fame.

Model work is hard. Behind the glamour and stardom there is dedication, commitment and a strong passion for what they do. For some models, they find modeling jobs straight away, others take time to find paid modeling jobs. Models can take months of spending their days applying to castings to find the right paid modeling job.

So how do you gain exposure and get the right modeling jobs that suit you?

How do you get paid modeling gigs?

Initially, you need to determine what category of modeling you favor, have confidence in what you are doing and which direction you wish to peruse.

Modeling can be divided up into many categories, for example:

  • fashion
  • promotional
  • runway
  • commercial
  • print
  • nude
  • time for print creative projects (TFP).

Therefore no two modeling jobs will ever be the same. With every category of modeling, there are specific requirements.

So how do you find modeling jobs that suit you? There are a few alternative paths to finding paid modeling jobs. Consider working as a freelance model, find a reputable photographer and get them to photograph you. Remember that first impressions count. Show the photographer that you are comfortable to work with them, smile and reveal your strong suits.  When the shoot is over, keep the images for your portfolio both print and digitally.

The photographer may even use you for their portfolio as well as keep you as a contact for future modeling jobs. Networking with other creatives is great to find future paid modeling jobs, as you will be a recommendation.

Living in a connected society, it is much easier to land the paid job online with the right portfolio. When applying to an online paid job, upload your portfolio and best images. When the time comes to go in and meet the photographer or casting professional take a hard copy of your portfolio. You never know what can go wrong and being prepared could be the main reason why you just scored the modeling job.

How to get paid moddeling jobs

You never know what can go wrong and being prepared could be the main reason why you just scored the modeling job.

As a freelance model, the Internet is one of the best and worst mediums to get you paid modeling jobs. The accessibility draws models to Internet modeling sites, where they have the opportunity to post biographies and photos. This could instantly score you the modeling job or be the reason why you don’t get the modeling job.

Just like the Internet drives models to modeling pages with potential jobs, agencies are driven to models. Another alternative to finding paid modeling jobs is working with modeling agencies and casting agents. This is an easier approach to modeling jobs. When an advertiser wants to find models they go directly to an agency, as it is much easier.