It is not uncommon for a casting agent to ask to see your ‘digis’. No, they’re not asking for your phone number, this is industry slang for digital images; or in other words a few quick and most importantly, natural snaps.

Casting agents love to see digis before booking you for a modeling job for a few very important reasons, the first being they are raw, un-photoshopped images (unlike most images these days!) and secondly, the model is required to be wearing little to no makeup. Before this, the casting agent is likely to have only seen the highly edited and styled images in a models portfolio which present them at their absolute best.

The casting agent wants to see what they really look like underneath all of that. Additionally, models are prone to changing their look in a heartbeat so it’s a great way to ensure the model still has the same hair colour, lack of tattoos etc, that you see in their portfolio and that it is the look you are after for this particular modeling job.

So how do you take these digis and how do you make these raw, natural shots look great?

 You’re going to need a closeup/headshot, a full body shot and a profile full body shot so the casting agent can get a good idea of your face and body type. While some casting agents may say they accept selfies, this is generally frowned upon in the industry so you’re best to rope in your mum/best friend/partner/little sister to take these snaps for you.

Wear basic clothing such as tight, dark jeans and a white singlet, with your hair either down or up in a basic ponytail (a mix of both is great). You should have no makeup on so the casting agent can see the condition of your skin clearly but if you feel really uncomfortable with this a very small amount of foundation and mascara is acceptable. Ensure you are standing against a plain light coloured background such as a white wall and the images are clear and lit well.

For your closeups take one smiling and one with your best stare to show a little bit of variety in your natural looks. In the full body shots there is no need to pose too much but a little bit of personality can go a long, long way in a digi. Depending on the job you are applying for, you may also need digis in a bikini.

While the idea of digis may be a little daunting, they can be vital in landing you modeling jobs! If you still need a little inspiration check out these great examples from professional models.