Whilst most of the glamour and action takes place behind the scenes and in front of the camera, it is vital to consider the importance of preparation. When having a photograph taken there are five areas that require a little bit of extra maintenance. These areas include: Face, Skin, Hair, Nails and Clothes.

Preparation is absolutely everything. You can start organising yourself as soon as one week before your shoot. If the stylist, photographer or event organizer has not yet notified you of the shoot requirements, you should get in touch via email or text. Your willingness to be well prepared will display a sense professionalism and as a female model, you should know that priming is prime. Once you have contacted the photo-shoot organizer, you should be briefed on general requirements, these requests can range from bringing your own shoes to painting your finger nails red. Whatever the requests are, be sure to follow through with them to avoid any unnecessary drama on the day. Keep in mind that not everything requires a great deal of spending and you should work around what fits your budget, lifestyle and regular beauty regime. 




The focal point of most photo-shoots is the face. Skin regimes for the face may include exfoliating to get rid of dead skin or getting a professional facial done. If you have any blemishes that break-out before a shoot, be sure to leave them. Makeup can cover almost anything and it isn’t worth damaging your skin. 



Better yet, whiten them! Your smile is your logo and there’s nothing more eye catching than a lovely white smile. Whitening strips usually do the job, as long as you are prepared and use them at least one week in advance. 



Bold eyebrows may be in style but that doesn’t mean you should abandon your grooming. Getting your eyebrows waxed or threaded can completely transform the appearance of your face if you get them done professionally.



If you’re a female model who waxes, be sure to give yourself a few days to heal a few days before your shoot. If you shave, you should do so the night before or 2 days before, depending on the speed of your hair growth. Make sure remove hair from your legs and underarms, and if you’ll be wearing a swimsuit or lingerie, get down there!



A faux tan goes a long way in photos. If you feel like you’ll be more confident with a summer glow, get a spray tan before your shoot. If pale skin suits you better, embrace it! 



Tattoos can look great in moderation but can also limit the work you do as some photographers or shoot organisers may not like them. If tattoos aren’t visible in your profile, be sure to notify whoever has booked you for the shoot.




If your hair colour is strawberry blonde in your profile photos, you should make sure that it is the same colour on the day of the shoot. Keep in mind that some organisers will select a female model for their ideal “look” of a brand or product. Maintaining this colour is also necessary so ensure that your colour is not faded and your regrowth is taken care of. 



Some stylists will request clean natural hair, whilst others will request straight hair. Follow through with whatever is required and ensure that your hair is clean and easy to manage. 




Nobody likes chipped, dirty or uneven nails. Grooming is vital and if the shoot oraganiser has not sent a specific colour request, keep them neutral. This may also apply to toenails, depending on the nature of the shoot. Remember that it’s better to be safe than sorry. 




Unless the photo-shoot is promoting bikinis or lingerie, your undergarments should be nude or neutral. It would also be clever to invest in a strapless bra and a pair of seamless underwear. 



This is where communication is necessary. If the organiser or photographer has requested that you bring along specific garments or a pair of shoes, be sure to follow through. If you’re unsure if the item is suitable or not, don’t be afraid to send a photo through email or text. 


Photo-shoots will ultimately determine your success in the industry so preparation is everything. Remember to get some beauty sleep, practice your killer poses in a mirror and embrace your confidence! 


By Natalie Chalhoub.