When Jim Carey was an out of work actor no one had ever heard of he wrote himself a check for ten million dollars and dated it for exactly five years time. He folded up that check and carried it around with him for five years, until; he was given a real check for his work on Dumb and Dumber, for ten million dollars! Visualising your dreams is an incredibly important step in actually achieving them and thus why making new years resolutions is a favourite tradition of so many successful people. However, Jim would never have made that real money just by visualising it alone, he had to work incredibly hard to make his dream a reality. As 2016 comes to a close, take a few moments to look back on the year that was, write down the highlights and the lowlights and evaluate what you did, or didn't do that has got you to the point you're at right now. This will help you recognise the things you'd like to do, or not do in 2017 to make it your best year to date. 

Setting your goals and resolutions for a new year can be a daunting task so here is a guide to breaking down what it is you want to achieve and how to achieve it in the year ahead! 

Make a TO DO LIST rather than a WISH LIST

The list of things you'd like to do or achieve in 2017 should be carefully considered, rationalised and timed out. While we are always supportive of reaching for the stars, this list should a lot of, realistic goals AND a timeframe for when they should be completed as well as overall goals that you'd like to reach by the end of the year. Sit down with a diary and look through the weeks and set dates that certain elements must be completed by. By breaking down your goals into achievable little bites, you give yourself the opportunity to celebrate little wins along the way that will keep you motivated and on track! It is also important to not only focus on career goals you want to achieve like participating in a certain amount of photo shoots or being paid X amount for your work but also personal goals as well like fitting in at least 30 mins of exercise a day, giving up a bad habit or keeping your temper in check. Life is about far more than just your career and a holistic approach to living a happier and more successful life in 2017 will ensure it's easier to actually achieve those goals. 

Write out your list nicely and put it somewhere you can see it everyday

Don't just scribble your list down on a piece of paper, or worse, leave it in your brain! Use your creative side to design your list in a way that you think it beautiful and place it somewhere you can see it everyday. Maybe that is on your desk, the fridge or stuck to your mirror so that everyday you can be reminded of what is really important to you and WHY you want to achieve your goals, which leads us to our next point... 

Give your list meaning

For each point on your list, attach the reason WHY you want to achieve it. If you're goal is to get to a certain weight, quit smoking or save an amount of money, write next to it why achieving that goal is worth the sacrifices you'll have to make to achieve it. It could be that you want to ensure you're healthy in the future to look after your family, to be able to travel and see the world, or to enjoy working on a project. Whatever the goal is, if it's big enough to be on your list, you should be able to write WHY and that why should be all the motivation you need to keep working hard until you've achieved it! 

Create an action plan

A goal without a plan is just a wish. Harsh but very, very true. If you're serious about your new years resolutions and ticking items off that 2017 to do list, create a strategy to accompany each point that will detail HOW you're going to make it happen. Maybe it's putting yourself out there more and getting further involved in networking, maybe it's waking up 30 mins earlier each day to fit in some exercise, whatever it is write out the HOW to accompany your WHY. Trust us, this part will make all the difference to whether you achieve your goals or not. 

Keep it fun

Your list should be full of things that are going to bring you happiness and joy in your life. While it may take a lot of hard work to achieve them, that doesn't mean the hard work has to be unenjoyable. Tell your family, friends and mentors what your goals are and allow them to support you along your journey. A burden shared is a burden halved, so remember that the people in your life want to see you succeed and will help you get there in anyway they can. Reinforcement of your goals will make it that much easier to keep on track. Which leads us to finally....

If you "fall off the wagon," forgive yourself and start over

They say it takes roughly two to three weeks to break a habit so if you do fall off the wagon, allow yourself forgiveness and move on! As they say, if you dropped your phone and got a little crack in the screen, you wouldn't then start stomping on it because it was "already broken" would you? The same principle applies to falling off the wagon when it comes to new years resolutions. If you slip up, acknowledge it and try and do better the next day. Nothing is the end of the world! 


All in all we want to wish you a very merry Christmas and an incredibly prosperous 2017! We hope to be a part of your creative success in 2017!