One of the first things aspiring models think of when imagining themselves as the next Heidi Klum or Naomi Campbell is walking down the catwalk, strutting their stuff before photographers and audience members. Perfecting your walk is essential in this industry and separates basic models from the ones who are remembered and in high demand.

A quintessential point worth noting is when it comes to practicing and developing a solid runway walk, it isn't about copying exactly what you see on television and YouTube videos. These should simply be inspiration, not a way to learn to copy other models strutting styles. This is because not everyone’s strut you see in videos is good! Secondly, no two models have the same walk and you need to develop your own signature style that will one day become recognisable as yours.

A walk is about going with the flow and shouldn’t be a highly choreographed sequence. You should be in the moment and adapt to what is around you. Develop your own strut. This doesn’t mean walking down to the end of the runway and flipping your hair whilst blowing a kiss, it means keeping it simple and seeing just how much your body will naturally come up with your own unique touch. It’s also important to consider who you’re walking for and what you’re wearing. Your Victoria’s Secret walk is going to be far different to your Bridal Fashion Week walk.  

Practice is key. The more you practice, the more your body will begin doing its own natural steps that become part of your own strut. These little movements can range from a notable swing in the arms to a smile and hand-on-hip at the end of the runway. Those might not sound like the most innovative moves as hundreds have done it before you, however, a good model can make those movements their own by incorporating their own body language.

Learn the basics from a professional. You’ll notice models turn in certain way (these can be called pivot turns or full turns) and always step off with their right foot. These are just a few of the little rules of modeling you need to be aware of and are not always as easy as they look.

After all your practice remember to just have fun! Modeling can be an incredibly fun job so shake of the nervous and once you step onto that catwalk show the audience that you’ve got this! Confidence will always be your best friend on the catwalk!