Just as a tradesman needs his tools, a model needs theirs. To save a lot of headaches or last minute running around it is very professional to have a model bag ready to go at a moments notice with everything you need to ensure the photo shoot or runway shows goes off without a hitch.  


1. Directions

 No one likes a late model and you’re going to hold up the whole production if you’re late. Make sure you use Google maps the night before the job to scope out exactly where you’re going and how you’re going to get there (close bus stops, parking lots etc.).


2. Thank you cards

Have some blank thank you cards made up so you can give them out after the shoot. It is a great way to share your details with the crew but also a very professional courtesy that will take you a long way in the industry. People will not forget the model that sincerely thanked them for their hard work (especially if the project is TFP).


3. Comp cards

Comp cards are a small, sometimes post card sized mini portfolio with a few of your best images, your stats and your contact details on them. You should take a few of these with you everywhere. You never know who you might meet on set and want to impress or work with again. 


4. Basic makeup

Often a makeup artist won’t stay for the whole length of the shoot so you may need to touch up your own makeup. It is always helpful to have some basic makeup such as foundation, powder, eye shadow, eyeliner and mascara with you just in case you need it. This is vital for outdoor shoots, as being in the sun all day will definitely impact the look of your makeup.


5. Hair products

Bobby pins, hair spray, a brush and a comb are essential for obvious reasons. Never leave for a photo shoot or runway show without them.


6. Bottled water and a healthy snack


The fashion industry is renowned for never being on time so always pack some water and a small, energy dense snack like a banana in your bag. It is not uncommon for photo shoots or runway shows to be late or run overtime and to perform at your best you need to be properly nourished.


7. Mints

Model or not, no one likes to work with someone with smelly breath. Think of the poor makeup artist that is working right by your face and ensure she doesn’t have to smell the onion you had for breakfast when she is applying your lipstick. 


8. Nude undergarments

You don’t want your undergarments to clash with what you are modeling so it is best practice (and expected) that you will always be wearing a nude g-string and nude strapless bra unless expressly told differently. It is always a good idea to keep a pair of nude underwear in your model bag for wearing underneath swimwear.


9. High heels

A selection of shoes is often required for shoots. A minimum of a pair of black and a pair of nude high heels should always be in your model bag.


10. Changing scarf

With a full face of makeup it can be very difficult to quickly change your outfits without staining them. You should have a scarf you can put over your face to stop the transfer of your beautiful red lipstick onto the lovely white dress you are modeling.