You’ve just got your brand new shiny camera and it has become your pride and joy; but where do you begin? Whether you’re preparing for your very first ever photo shoot or you’ve reached your first paid photo shoot, here are a few helpful tips and tricks to keep you on the right track!

1. Overthinking while shooting

Read up all you want on photography techniques and everything going on in the industry by all means but when you’re out on a shoot, clear your mind. Relax a bit and your instincts will tell you when something is a bit off. Don’t try and remember every technique you’ve ever read about online when you’ve got a model patiently standing in front of you. Have fun, try new things and enjoy!


2. Trying to do things too quickly

These days everyone wants everything now, now now. or even better, 10 minutes ago. Be conscious of who is paying for everyone’s time but don’t let that pressure rush you to the point you can’t create a good shot. Stay calm, set up your shot and make sure you’ve got it right before you move on to the next look. Trust me they will be far less impressed if you don’t get the shot they really wanted than if you take a few extra minutes to get it.


3. Don’t be afraid to experiment

If you’re using a digital camera, the cost of experimenting is free. Spend as much time as you can experimenting with different settings in different lights and on different subjects because you never know when you’ll find something you really like. You’ll definitely learn a lot along the way.


4. Take advantage of all the resources out there to learn basic rules and new techniques

You’re already on the road to success with this one because you’re reading this article. There is just so much information out there so start with a few tutorials on the basics and move your way up to some of the things that interest you the most. Photography is all about being creative but you need to know the rules before you can break them.


5. Make a list of shots you’d like to get

The best way to see where your skills are at is to try and recreate a shot you really like. Consider the lighting, subject, time of day etc in the picture and see if you can do the same. It will give you a good indication of where your skill level is at and what areas you need to learn more about. It’s also a great feeling when you are able to not only recreate a shot you love but you try again and produce something you like even better.