Have you been applying for a few jobs and responding to a few casting calls? Sending your resume and portfolio to photographers and directors, and not getting much of a response back?

So you then ask yourself: “why? Am I not good enough? Do I not have enough experience? Am I too boring?” Now although the answer to all of these questions might be yes, (sorry not sorry) I have discovered a few tips and hints that help us understand the mind-set of those who wish to cast the right model for their next shoot or modeling job:

- So firstly, photographers generally book models suited for the genre they are shooting for. Basically, this means that if a photographer is shooting for a bodybuilding commercial, naturally they are going to seek fitness models instead of hair and beauty models, who do not fit into the genre at all… I know, mind blown! So with this in mind, don’t waste your time or the time of the casting director by Appling for jobs that you are clearly not right for. You may be more experienced or a better model than any other applicant but if you don’t fit the brief, they’re just not going to pick you. By only applying to jobs you’re actually suited to you’ll find yourself feeling disappointed a whole lot less.

- Another thing to remember; FIRST IMPRESSIONS COUNT! You want to show the photographer/casting director that you are comfortable to work with them, and that there is a mutual respect there! After all, it is usually after the first impression that they make a decision to hire you, or to leave you hanging #rejected. Have a smile, show them you want to job, without sounding desperate, and be yourself!

- Casting directors appreciate variety in the images of your portfolio. Why? Well when inspecting a model’s portfolio they look for variety in things such as emotion and posing- they want to know that you can pull off more than just the blue steel’ look. Show them diversity, be unique, and own it! Take advantage of TFP shoots listed here on Blush Central to gain experience in different genres and to really fill out your portfolio.

- One of the most vital things to know is that there are indeed things that they avoid when casting a job for models or actors. Don’t be that model that leaves things unclear. When you’ve booked a job, communicate to the photographer, preferably well before the shoot, and hash out the terms and conditions, as it avoids confusion, and demonstrates professionalism! You also don’t want to be that model who demands to have all the images that were taken… this shows inexperience! #AvoidIt

And if after all this, and you still don’t get cast for the job that you so desperately want, the unfortunately, he’s just not that into you! BUT DON’T STRESS, because just like Cinderella, after all these disappointments, one day the shoe is bound to fit. Make sure your Blush Central profile is complete and up to date to ensure they can see just how great you really are! Create a new account here, or sign in to your account, here.