Are you a new model interested in joining the industry or looking for your next big break? Blush Central is one of Australia’s most highly regarded talent platforms connecting reputable talent with casting professionals and jobs. By creating a free account you’ll get all the exposure you need to kick start your career and find suitable modelling auditions and jobs.

Here are a few tips on what you need to be doing to break into the “biz”:

  1. Pick your “hero” model - That one model you idolise. Study their fierce runway walk, the way they pose and their facial expressions.
  2. Portfolio - It is essential that you have an updated no-makeup headshot and full body shot. If you have a friend who owns a good camera take as many shots as you need and pick your best two - one in colour and the other in black and white! They do need to look professional, so it is definitely worth spending a bit of money and getting these done professionally.
  3. Know your stuff - Study the industry, you should have an understanding of various fashion designers, photographers, agencies, auditions etc.
  4. Be prepared – Prepare yourself and perfect your walk and poses. Walk with confidence - shoulders back and eyes up. Engage with those who are watching you.
  5. Simple make-up - Apply only a light coverage of makeup to enhance your natural features. There’s nothing worse than overdone make-up – they want to see you and your natural beauty.
  6. Have a pair of heels with you - Be sure to always bring a pair of heels just in case they ask you to strut your stuff on the catwalk.
  7. Never be late - There’s nothing worse than arriving at an audition late, leaving the casting panel unimpressed at your tardiness. (Unless of course you are late due to unforeseen circumstances.)
  8. Be honest with the casting panel - Like they say, honesty is the best policy, so it’s okay to tell them if you don't have a lot of experience. That’s why you’re there, to gain more experience and confidence. You never know, you could surprise them with your natural ability.

Being a model can be a highly stressful job, with many ups and downs. Being judged on just about everything from your looks, your body, your performance and personality can be quite overwhelming but don’t let these things discourage you.

If you put mind over matter and have that confidence you need to get through auditions you’ll confidently get out there and give it your best shot. After all it’s all part of the experience and the journey and you’ll find out more about yourself with each encounter. For all those looking to kick start their career in the business and connect with casting professionals and jobs, head to Blush Central and create a free account. You will be required to provide a few high quality images, your measurements, a short description about your experience and links to your social media accounts.

Good Luck!