About us

Blush Central (you can call us BC) aims to ensure that no talent goes unnoticed. Connecting the perfect talent with the perfect casting professionals makes us… blush. Our guarantee to our members is to ensure that potential candidates are selected by the most suitable agencies through sourcing only the strongest talent in Australia, and abroad, and extending our directory across a diverse range of talents from acting to influencing.

Although we are an Australian-based talent management group, BC also works with some of the industry’s largest companies, globally. This allows all local talent to partake in both local and international productions. BC knows no borders. We are here to assist all talent in reaching new heights and supporting them in promoting themselves…no one should go undiscovered.

At BC, we recognise the importance of people, but what makes us blush more is originality and commitment. For this reason, BC, too, is committed to clients and who we represent.

BC’s promise to our talent and casting professionals includes, but is not limited to:

  • Understanding every clients’ distinct abilities and ambitions
  • Employing our many skills for many outcomes – e.g. marketing, media, public relations, production and film
  • Not stopping until the final product is a SUCCESS
  • Access to a team with the finest in the industry through the three B’s- Brains, Business and Bright future- while remaining the three C’s –Calm, Cool and Collected
  • 24-hour a day, 7-days a week commitment